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20 April, 2011
    This video takes you onboard the latest MSF evacuation boat as it rescues 64 seriously wounded patients and 45 others from fighting in Misrata, Libya. Dr. Morten Rostrup said: "With the latest heavy bombardments in Misrata, the situation is worsening as hospitals have to discharge patients before their treatment is completed in order to treat those wounded by fighting. Many of the injured cannot even access medical facilities without further risking their life.” The MSF team also assessed...
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19 April, 2011
Female genital cutting, or FGC, is the practice of surgically removing part or all of a girl’s or woman’s external genitalia. It has a number of negative physical and psychological effects, and in the worst cases can lead to death through severe bleeding. MSF arrived in the Tagadom area of Red Sea State in 2006 to raise awareness about the medical effects of FGC and to offer high-quality, free-of-charge maternity services. First, however, the teams had to begin a very difficult, and ultimately...
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14 April, 2011
      Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) visits camps near Misrata, Libya to assess the situation for people fleeing recent violence in the area.
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4 April, 2011
      Some images might be disturbing. MSF evacuated 71 patients by boat on April 3, 2011, from the Libyan city of Misrata, where ongoing violence has overwhelmed medical facilities with the wounded. Among the evacuated patients were three people on life support, 11 people suffering from major trauma, and many others with abdominal wounds and open fractures. Intensive medical care was provided on board as the boat sailed to Tunisia, where it arrived in the city of Sfax on the morning of April...
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24 March, 2011
Cambodia has one of the highest tuberculosis burdens in the world, according to the World Health Organisation. TB and its drug-resistant forms can be extremely difficult to diagnose and treat, especially in resource-poor countries, where the disease takes advantage of immune systems weaken by malnutrition and HIV, and people have limited access to health care. MSF has been working to improve TB diagnosis, treatment, and training in southeastern city of Kampong Cham.
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11 March, 2011
This slideshow is called "This is our Reality", because in their own voices, patients express some of the realities of living in Afghanistan today, and especially the challenges of seeking healthcare in a war-torn country.
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7 March, 2011
Since 1998, people living in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have suffered extreme violence, often finding themselves caught in the middle of an ongoing conflict between government forces and various armed rebel groups. Close to 600,000 people now live in camps for displaced persons after having fled the ongoing violence. Access to healthcare is very limited in the camps. Women and children are the most vulnerable in this situation. To meet people’s healthcare needs,...
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