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History & legacy

No Valley Without ShadowsWith freely accessible HIV care being the norm today for millions of people living with HIV worldwide, the early days of HIV treatment movement seem like a distant memory. But 17 years ago the reality was nightmarish in South Africa: nearly 1,000 people died daily in the absence of treatment in the wake of deadly AIDS denialism.

‘No Valley Without Shadows’ gives an insiders’ account of the determination and courage it took to beat the joint might of pharmaceutical corporate greed, government denialism and an ambivalent medical establishment. Vividly sketching the situation in during the early 2000s ‘No Valley Without Shadows’ unfolds the story of pivotal battles by fought by local and international coalitions for access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy. Concise and keenly observed it provides readers food for thought about the past, but also the future in fighting HIV.

BOOK EVENT: Wednesday 20 July | Time: 12:15-13:45 | Venue: KwaMuhle ‘HIV Voices’ Museum (130 Bram Fischer Rd, Durban)

Join MSF’s Dr Eric Goemaere and key allies in revisiting the highs and lows of this struggle while reflecting on the importance of international and local alliances in today’s reality. Other speakers include, Vuyseka Dubula (former TAC Secretary General) and Mpumi Mantangana (nurse and TAC activist).

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