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We met 64-year-old Ebmesam from Syria the day after he arrived on the Greek island of Leros.
The journey from Turkey was hard. But compared to what I faced in Syria or Egypt, it was nothing. We were 28 people and the boat was too small. I believe that we only made it through God – otherwise we would all have died. The smuggler abandoned us on a Greek island. We were found and arrested by people dressed in black. For two hours, we were bent over, almost lying on the ground, in the heavy rain. When you found me [the following morning], I was soaking wet. I was praying to God that I would be able to continue with my journey … In Leros, I had a really hard time in the police station … The cell was extremely small, and I suffer from chronic asthma. It was supposed to hold two people, but there were 12 of us inside.

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