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This week, world leaders will gather in Geneva to commemorate 60 years of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Yet it is an anniversary that the world’s 15.1 million refugees have little reason to celebrate. Today, states are increasingly shutting their borders and restricting the assistance they give to refugees and people seeking asylum. By Christopher Stokes, MSF...
To my family Mogadishu, Somalia   It has been a long time. The journey was long: over two years to get here. I went through Ethiopia and Sudan, I crossed the Sahara to reach Tripoli, and finally got on a boat on the Mediterranean Sea. But that boat never made it to Europe. We got lost at sea and spent days without food or water. Eighteen people died. I was lucky to survive, but...
As Europe steps up measures to curb migration, refugees and migrants are taking increasing risks to cross its borders. Escaping conflict, violence or extreme deprivation, migrants are often exposed to horrific episodes of violence and exploitation on the journey there. Many find themselves stranded in “transit countries” for long periods, unable either to continue their journey or...
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