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Other Ways to Donate

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Face to Face - Awareness & Fundraising

F2F (Face to Face) Fundraising is one of the most interesting ways to meet potential and new donors.

It’s very important for canvassers to keep up to date with MSF activities, as we are essentially walking talking information packs. Often people are reluctant to donate because they are unsure of who we are or what we do. But what MSF does is so amazing it’s enough to convince almost anyone to donate! Knowledge is power, and knowledge about MSF gives people the power to help save lives.

As canvassers we don't earn commission, which is a big part of what separates us from other organizations. It stops us from being too aggressive with potential donors. We don't do this for money, we do this to help a cause we believe in.

It’s very important to have a F2F team that people can interact with. Hardly anyone has the time to go online and research us, and even if they go online so many other things are  pressing for their attention.

We do face rejection constantly, and sometimes it can be tough. Every canvasser has at some point felt like the school nerd at prom desperately trying to get a date. However, we understand that people are busy. In today's world there are so many promotion stands and so many people looking for money that it’s often easier to just ignore everyone. That's why we have to stand out!

As F2F Fundraisers we need to stay motivated and energetic in order to show shoppers that we are different. It’s easy to get excited if we remember what MSF does. While we may not be working in the field, we can support MSF with finances. In a sense it’s our way of saving lives.

Kelly Barlow
Southern Coordinator F2F Fundraising