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Mae Pretorius

Mae Pretorius said she made the decision to donate "because I believe it is for the good cause." Well we believe that too! Signing up was very emotional for Mae, which isn't very surprising when you think about what donating actually means. It's your opportunity to join us in our work by helping us to buy the medication, vaccines and surgical equipment we provide to those in need. Mae, each time you donate, you save lives.


Charlese Dasilva

Charlese Dasilva, who studied nursing, hopes to work with MSF one day. But he couldn’t wait till then, and decided to sign up as a monthly contributor in the meantime. His funding is just as important as the work our field workers do.



Jason and Marlene

Jason, a sports science student, and Marlene, a music student specialising in education, saw that donating was a simple decision – and signed up on the spot.




Erin Goliath

Erin Goliath, a law student, is going to face a lot of tough decisions in her career. But signing up with MSF was an easy choice for her.



Ntombovuyo Sibutha
Bonga Mkuzangwe and
Ziyanda Mkuzangwe

Ntombovuyo Sibutha, Bonga Mkuzangwe and Ziyanda Mkuzangwe all decided to donate to MSF. Their contributions help to pay for medication that others desperately need but cannot afford: something the three close friends thought was more valuable than anything they could by while out shopping.


Tyrone Arnold

Tyrone Arnold joined our MSF family by contributing to the organisation. His contribution allows us to buy much-needed medication, such as the1.8 million anti-malarials distributed in Freetown –  the largest ever distribution in an Ebola outbreak.
Tyrone Arnold




Priscilla Blake

Priscilla Blake signed up with the Cape Town Face2Face team – and it wasn’t a tough decision for her.
Priscilla Blake



Martin Chirwa

Martin Chirwa decided to stop at the MSF stand, listen to our story, and to answer MSF’s call by becoming a donor.


Karabo Mashego

Karabo Mashego decided he was not going to passively sit back and not work. Instead, he stood up for those who were suffering when he was called to do so.



Andre Oliver

Andre Olivier signed up with the MSF’s Face2Face team in Weskus, so that he could support the fight against Ebola.
Andre Oliver




Huibre Schreuder

Huibre Schreuder decided to sign up with MSF so that she can help buy medical equipment and medication for those in need.


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