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Anne d’Aussy


Why I give to MSF

Anne d’Aussy is a businesswoman with a passion for caring for people – no matter where they are. The owner of The Perfect Health Centre, a holistic medical practice in Johannesburg, explains why she became one of MSF SA’s corporate donors.

“I’ve always been strongly committed to caring for others, and have my own charity in Eshowe. One day I travelled there and came across local people who were involved with a Doctors Without Borders HIV project and that’s how my involvement started,” Anne explains.

Anne felt MSF’s medical work was a suitable match for her business. “We didn’t have any care projects in place. For about two years I had been looking for a charity project or humanitarian organisation to support. Being a medical practice, it made sense to donate to a medical cause, so MSF was a natural choice for me,” she says.

Originally from Belgium, Anne grew up with an awareness of the work of MSF, but it was discovering local South African operations that encouraged her to become a regular donor. She appreciates that MSF’s local work means that her clients can see exactly what their support means in the field.

“With the MSF HIV project in Eshowe, it made sense. I could tell my clients that if they ever wanted to see the work or get in contact, they could do so.” She feels that it is easy to be a corporate donor supporting MSF’s work, and that it takes a minimal amount of effort to make a big difference.

“It’s no work at all. From every sale we make, no matter the size, we donate R10 to MSF, which we put together in a monthly donation. I also had flyers printed for waiting rooms and doctors’ rooms. We have client evenings and promote MSF’s work that way too.

We promote the fact that they can become individual MSF donors too, over and above the contribution they make through using our services.”

For Anne, knowing that she is making a difference is a reward in itself. “I’m doing it because I strongly believe in the work of MSF. I’ve known MSF since my childhood in Belgium. For me, it’s about the giving.”

Michael Jones



Why I give to MSF

Michael Jones, CEO of Clover and Fonterra's dairy export joint-venture

“One of the things that appealed to us about MSF is its neutrality,” says Michael Jones, CEO of Clover and Fonterra’s dairy export joint-venture, of the company’s decision to support MSF. “There is no agenda in their work, and they have a clear focus - giving healthcare to those who really need it.”

Jones, a father of three small children, grew up in a small town in New Zealand, but moved to the city to pursue his studies and favourite sports. After starting at Fonterra in an entry-level job, his determination to succeed saw him promoted in a succession of management positions in the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates and finally, South Africa.

His travels have exposed Jones to extreme poverty and appalling living conditions. “When you’ve seen people earning a living from a mountain of rubbish or living in a boat surrounded by filthy water, it really makes you want to improve these lives by giving back,” he says of his involvement and commitment through Fonterra to continue supporting MSF’s work.

Babalwa Mali



Why I give to MSF

BABALWA MALI, client liaison officer, Gems Medical Aid, Pretoria

Babalwa became a regular MSF donor after meeting our Face-to-Face Fundraising team
in Pretoria in 2011. “I really want to make a difference in the world. With MSF, I know the little that I give goes a long way. R50 is a lot for some people, but for others it just a small sacrifice – like giving up one burger meal every month. So why not do it?”

Babalwa lives by the isiZulu saying, “impilo ye sizwe isesandleni zethu” – which means “people’s lives are in our hands”.
“Young people are the future leaders and if we don’t start changing things now to make it better for the people around us, then who will? I’m willing to contribute for as long as I can and hopefully do more someday,” she says.

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