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11 October, 2013
In this small southern African country, Swaziland, one in 4 adults is HIV-positive. Looking to achieve a generation without HIV/AIDS, MSF is focusing its efforts on pregnant women. Infants born with the AIDS virus, orphaned almost from birth. The epidemic has torn apart many families in Swaziland. To halt this vicious circle, MSF has launched a prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme. A treatment pathway designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women and new-borns. Visit MSF...
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10 October, 2013
This month we look at our work in Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and Swaziland. Syria An open letter entitled "Lift the Humanitarian Blockade” was published in French newspaper Le Monde in September. It was written by a project coordinator working in Syria and the President of MSF France. While the chemical weapon attack in August did take the horror of the conflict to a new level, recent diplomatic negotiations barely touched on the issue of aid for the Syrian people....
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16 September, 2013
Fear and floods are keeping people from seeking assistance in Pibor County, in South Sudan’s Jonglei state. Around 90,000 people are still missing, in fear hiding in the bush. Some 28,000 people are accounted for, but few of these people are receiving the assistance they need. Photos by: Photo: Camille Lepage/Hans Lucas Full Story here: Fear and rainy season keep people from seeking care in Pibor County, South Sudan
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11 September, 2013
South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, at 2,045 per 100,000 live births, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
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3 September, 2013
  Phumeza Tisile is one of MSF’s TB&Me bloggers and has become the first South African patient cured of extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) using a strengthened treatment regimen which included a hard-to-come-by drug (linezolid).
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20 August, 2013
Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we see new vaccines being used in South Sudan, we see a spike in malaria in Central African Republic and we see what happens to hundreds of migrants after they are released from human traffickers in Yemen.
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26 June, 2013
    Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we see war surgery in Syria, tensions rising in Lebanon and we find out more about Tehran's neglected women. We also look to bedaquiline, a new tuberculosis drug under trial.
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19 June, 2013
  For the thousands of refugees in South Sudan’s Maban county, life remains a daily struggle as the rainy season sets in and the likelihood of returning home remains a distant dream. The living conditions in Kaya, Batil and Gendrassa camps, while improved since the initial crisis over a year and a half ago, continue to be of concern in particular due to the potential implications it has on people's health.Many of the tents currently used by refugees are damaged, and will not provide adequate...
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13 May, 2013
  Visit MSF projects around the world and see what we really do. This month, we are getting a clearer picture of the AIDS epidemic in Malawi and we visit our team in Jordan who are rebuilding shattered lives in the Middle East. We are also preparing for the rainy season in South Sudan and we look to kala azar's forgotten patients.  
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