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22 July, 2015
Gaza - Between Two Wars Migrants - Rescue operations in the Meditarranean ​Srebrenica - 20 years on Gaza - Wonder Women Patents - Production of generic drugs under threat Ukraine - Back from Luhansk
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16 July, 2015
After 3 months of activity almost 1,500 consultations were provided (including 362 hospitalised patients) . The Central African Republic (CAR) Emergency Response Team (Eureca) is designed for short interventions and, athough humanitarian situation remains very concerning in Kouango, basic indicators are now under the threshold of an emergency response such as the one provided by Eureca. Nonetheless, both the emergency team and the regular projects near the area remain vigilant in case a...
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27 May, 2015
Nepal: With two earthquakes in two weeks, destroying 130, 00 homes and damaging thousands more. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) teams were deployed rapidly in the country. The organisation now has 120 staff working in the field. Yemen: After almost two months, fighting between rebels and pro-government forces have left 1, 400 people dead. Chad: Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram attacks are given shelter in neighbouring Chad 18,000 people have crossed Lake Chad and are living either in camps...
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26 May, 2015
From Khameer, Yemen, a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) doctor describes the situation for displaced families who've come there to escape the bombing and fighting where they live. Dr. Berbain is standing in an area where the population has jumped from three families to 85 familes. MSF is running mobile medical clinic and relief distribution there.
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7 May, 2015
The hospital consists of various tents, the first tent is the operating room. Then there’s the obstetrics unit and a maternity unit. All categories of patients will be treated, including: children, adults, men and women, obstetric cases – so maternity care Follow-up surgery on earthquake wounds that have become infected will be performed, and emergency surgery such as cesareans.
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24 March, 2015
Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious disease that is treated with antibiotics. But some bacteria have found ways to resist or fight off the drug due to incorrectly administered treatment. When the two main antibiotics stop being effective against the disease, it is labeled multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, or MDR-TB. MDR-TB is a real killer, and a major public health issue, but for the past fifty years it has largely been ignored. Now, the needs of patients suffering from tuberculosis are...
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11 March, 2015
This video shows a busy ER in a hospital in one of the besieged areas near Damascus. In the besieged parts of the East Ghouta rural area near Damascus, Syria, intense bombing has been continuing for weeks, on an almost daily basis, and is still ongoing. MSF has established a programme of supporting Syrian medics in areas where MSF cannot directly set up activities. These are makeshift hospitals and health centres where no MSF staff are present, and MSF provides both material support and...
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19 February, 2015
Latest reports from MSF: Sierra Leone: in January, there were close to 550 confirmed cases of Ebola in the space of three weeks. The epidemic may well be easing off, but the virus continues to endanger the lives of many people. Malawi: this small country in southern Africa was hit by torrential rain in December. Flooding has left at least 176 people dead and made 200,000 homeless. Ukraine: the conflict raging for months in the east of the country is escalating. People are caught up in the...
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10 February, 2015
Irina Savchuk is staying with her children at a centre for displaced people in the town of Konstantinovka. The center, formerly a shelter for homeless people, was under reconstruction when the conflict started in eastern Ukraine. Although it wasn’t yet finished, the local authorities decided to open the center for people who had to flee the fighting in nearby areas. It’s now run by local people, and eight families live in the center, sharing the small kitchen and old bathroom. Irina shares her...
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5 January, 2015
MSF staff work in nearly 70 countries around the world, providing emergency medical care and relief supplies to people who need it most. To know more about what it means to work for MSF, watch this video that guides MSF staff along their journey to being part of a worldwide medical humanitarian organisation. 
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