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E.g., 5 Sep 2015
3 September, 2015
  Download the full update here   The Central African Republic faces a situation of chronic and prolonged health emergency.  The political crisis and violence that shook the country since 2013 have exacerbated the shortage of health services as a whole and 72  percent  of health  facilities  have  been  damaged or destroyed.  At present, the vast...
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3 September, 2015
  Download the full update here  
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20 July, 2015
  In settings with a high HIV/TB burden and significant shortages of human resources for health (HRH), task shifting strategies have relied on lay workers to provide HIV testing and counselling (HTC) and adherence support for HIV and TB treatments. While in some countries these tasks were integrated into the work of existing community cadres such...
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16 July, 2015
Click here to download the MSF international activity report  
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10 July, 2015
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is pleased to present its audited combined Financial Statements. These combined accounts are a means of transparency and accountability, providing a global overview of MSF’s work. They represent an aggregation of the Financial Statements of the 21 main MSF national offices worldwide (Australia, Austria, Belgium,...
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10 June, 2015
  One of the biggest frustrations faced by rural clinicians at the coalface of healthcare delivery in clinics and district hospitals is that short, yet devastating sentence: “Sorry, it’s out of stock”. It is hard to describe the helplessness and anger one feels when cheap, yet important medications such as anti-hypertensives, anti-epileptics, ARV...
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1 June, 2015
  On 22 March 2014, an Ebola epidemic was officially declared in Guinea. Over the course of the next year, the virus would infect more than 25,000 people in nine countries and claim more than 10,000 lives, dwarfing all previous Ebola outbreaks. For comparison, the biggest previous outbreak had a total of 425 cases. The reasons this epidemic...
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21 May, 2015
  Download "Epidemics:Neglected emergencies?" here   MSF draws attention to the challenges and choices that may impair effective response to emergencies, epidemics and outbreaks.
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13 May, 2015
MSF is hosting a scientific day on African soil – in particular Zimbabwe where researchers from different countries will present their research findings from the field operations.
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23 April, 2015
  Download: Community-based antiretroviral  therapy delivery here.   Strengthening and expanding community-based approaches to delivering HIV treatment is vital to the long-term success of the AIDS response, according to a report launched on 20 April by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and UNAIDS.
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