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E.g., 27 Nov 2015
23 October, 2015
The Syrian war is in its fourth year – millions of Syrians remain trapped in the country facing a huge humanitarian toll. The scale of death, injury and displacement in the conflict is enormous and the situation has further deteriorated this year.   Desperation forces thousands of Syrians to make dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea to...
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7 September, 2015
  An estimated five million people around the world are bitten by venomous snakes every year. One in ten will die or be left with permanent consequences. Snakebite kills as many as 100,000 people and leads to disability and disfiguration for some 400,000 victims globally each year.  Most of the victims come from remote, rural areas. With no...
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3 September, 2015
  Download the full update here   The Central African Republic faces a situation of chronic and prolonged health emergency.  The political crisis and violence that shook the country since 2013 have exacerbated the shortage of health services as a whole and 72  percent  of health  facilities  have  been  damaged or destroyed.  At present, the vast...
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20 August, 2015
      Download the SAMU HIV/TB News Flash, August 2015 here.  
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22 July, 2015
   Download the SAMU HIV/TB News Flash, July 2015 here.
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20 July, 2015
  In settings with a high HIV/TB burden and significant shortages of human resources for health (HRH), task shifting strategies have relied on lay workers to provide HIV testing and counselling (HTC) and adherence support for HIV and TB treatments. While in some countries these tasks were integrated into the work of existing community cadres such...
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17 July, 2015
We write in response to your request for public comments on South Africa’s planned copyright legislation reform. We’re grateful for the chance to make a contribution in support of this extraordinary effort on the part of the Department of Trade and Industry to modernize South African copyright law and – in so doing – to make South Africa an...
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16 July, 2015
Click here to download the MSF international activity report  
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