MAIL & GUARDIAN:Burundi's mothers are smiling

Clar Ni Chonghaile in Bujumbura, Burundi Radios, local doctors and techniques to help underweight newborns are saving the lives of women and children. The youngest of Chantalle Bukuru's six children does not have a name yet but the 17-day-old girl has attitude — her fists swat the air, her eyes are wide and alert. Bukuru (27) gave birth by Caesarean section in the CMCK clinic in Bujumbura, the steamy, hill-ringed, bicycle-filled capital of Burundi. She was referred to the clinic as part of an emergency obstetric care programme run by Doctors Without Borders  (MSF) in the poor, landlocked country, which has one of the world's highest maternal mortality rates....   Her baby's life may well have been saved by the MSF but the 22-year-old mother knows there will be further expensive risks, not least malaria, when she returns to her home, where she grows manioc, maize and beans.

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