22 July 2011

Rasheed Hassan had to walk out on his son when he fled war in his native Somalia to go to neighbouring Ethiopia. Two other children had already been shot dead in crossfire near his home.

Fearing for his life, Hassan (42) walked for eight days, his belongings in a donkey cart, to the refugee camp that has become home to thousands more escaping war and now a second killer -- drought...

"This is the worst humanitarian disaster we are facing in the world," UNHCR head Antonio Guterres said during a trip to the area on Wednesday. "We have one-fourth of the population of Somalia displaced..."

"There's a large occurrence of severe malnutrition among refugees aged under five," said Jerome Souquet of Doctors Without Borders. "We also have high cases of diarrhoea and respiratory disease. The lack of sufficient resources forces them to come back after receiving treatment..." Read full article