09 April 2015


MSF boat carrying urgent medical aid and staff, arrived to Aden from Djibouti today.
Photo: Jochen Ganter

Sana’a – The first boat organised by international humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders (MSF) carrying 1.7 tonnes of urgently needed medical supplies for the MSF hospital in Aden successfully docked in the city today. An MSF emergency surgical team also arrived on a separate boat.

The MSF shipment which arrived from Djibouti contained medical supplies essential for treating the large numbers of wounded MSF has been receiving in Aden, including anaesthesia drugs, injectable medications and materials for surgical operations.

The emergency surgical team made up of five MSF staff arrived in Aden on board an International Committee of the Red Cross cargo ship. The team will provide much needed support to the existing staff at the MSF Emergency Surgical Unit.

MSF teams delivering medical aid to one of the hospitals in Taiz.
Photo: Naif Abdulwali

“We are pleased that the medical supplies and staff have arrived safely, as the team at the hospital was exhausted, and there was a real risk of supply shortages,” said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, Head of Mission for MSF in Yemen. “But with the violence continuing to cause large numbers of injured more supplies and medical staff are needed.”

MSF is also planning to send a full charter plane to Sana’a to deliver more medical supplies in the coming days.
The MSF Emergency Surgical Unit in Aden has received over 600 wounded since the escalation of violence on March 19.

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