08 August 2014

Dr Stefan Kruger, MSF SA fieldworker and Capetonian, is currently working in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, where he is part of the team tackling the Ebola outbreak affecting the region. Previously Stefan also worked with MSF in South Sudan and Afghanistan.

Because there is no cure for the disease, Stefan’s work in Kailahun involves palliative care for those who have been infected, and symptomatic treatment to maximise the patients’ chances of survival. The current outbreak, unprecedented in terms of geographic spread, has killed more than 60% of people infected. To date, more than 800 people have died across Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Watch Stefan talk about MSF’s work on CNN in an interview with journalist David McKenzie. In this video, he explains the precautions needed when working in this high-risk environment, and why he volunteered to help:“’If MSF wasn’t here, there’d be nothing – for me that’s reason enough.”

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