2017 Freedom Day Swim

05 April 2017

The 2017 Freedom Day Swim takes place on the 8th April, where extreme swimmers from all over the world come to Cape Town to cross the treacherous water between Big Bay and Robben Island. This year Doctors Without Borders are using the event to raise much needed critical awareness for refugees, not only in South Africa, but also the crisis that is currently playing out in the Mediterranean Sea. Arafat Gatabazi will be taking part in this year's event and shares more on how the love of extreme swimming kicked in. Sarah-Jane Steele from MSF explains that they want to raise awareness about migration, which is coming into play globally. She adds that they are advocating for safe passage for people as they flee from really horrible circumstances. Int: Arafat Gatabazi : Open Water Swimmer Int: Epidemiologist : MSF : Sarah-Jane Steele Mention: Swim To Save A Life

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