Emergency cargo sent to Mozambique

26 March 2019

A weather system that produced heavy rains flooded parts of Malawi in mid-March 2019, before developing into Cyclone Idai which struck Mozambique and Zimbabwe on 14-16 March, 2019. The flooding and damage has destroyed homes and infrastructure, displaced thousands of people and the humanitarian needs are enormous. We have emergency response teams on the ground in all three countries. In recent days, assessments have been carried out and we are now undertaking medical activities and responding to humanitarian needs, including providing non-medical items such as buckets and soap, and ensuring safe water and sanitation. Teams in all the affected countries are mobilising to provide medical and non-medical assistance. In our warehouse in Brussels, an enormous supply and logistics operation is underway, with tons of supplies being sent to the affected areas, particularly Mozambique. As part of emergency response, MSF has sent 3 charter flights with 43 tons of emergency supplies to Beira in Mozambique.

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