Five minutes to understand what is happening in CAR

26 September 2017

For almost a year now, sporadic violence has been turning into a conflict that’s now escalating, with widespread abuses against the population. 'Five minutes to understand what is happening in CAR' highlights how urgent and critical the humanitarian situation is in Central African Republic, with a focus on the violence inflicted on populations.

Three years after the end of the deadly war that took place in 2013-2014, the majority of the country’s territory is back into a downward spiral of armed violence, affecting populations that are already very vulnerable.

Clashes between the armed groups and the attacks against populations intensified over the last six months, the level of displacement has been unprecedented since 2014, and dividing lines are played upon to feed revenge and escalation.

Through its large operations, MSF is a unique witness of the worrying state of the country, regularly communicating on the violence and its consequences at is happening in the different locations where we work.


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