A month in focus- May 2015

08 June 2016

Nepal: With two earthquakes in two weeks, destroying 130, 00 homes and damaging thousands more. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) teams were deployed rapidly in the country. The organisation now has 120 staff working in the field.

Yemen: After almost two months, fighting between rebels and pro-government forces have left 1, 400 people dead.

Chad: Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram attacks are given shelter in neighbouring Chad 18,000 people have crossed Lake Chad and are living either in camps or in the community.

Haiti: MSF runs the only facility in Port-au-Prince specialised in treating patients with severe burns.

Mediterranean Sea: It’s estimated that 20,000 people have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean in the past 15 years. At the beginning of May 2015, MSF sent medical teams aboard two ships, each equipped for several hundred people. Less than 24 hours after the first ship took to sea—369 people were rescued and taken to Italy.

Iran: In southern Tehran, women excluded from society have no access to healthcare. MSF has opened a clinic to address their needs.

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