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Child health, migration, mental health, vaccination, conflict, surgery, torture, maternal health, malnutrition, epidemics, natural disasters...our teams were there.

Your support made it possible.

Thank you to our donors

Thank you to our fieldworkers

None of this would have been possible without your support.

2017 was a difficult year, but thanks to your help we have been able to provide medical care to the people who needed it the most.

Below is a look back at our work and the people we've helped. In each photograph, there is both a personal story and a wider story that led up to the event pictured.

A year in pictures 2017

18 December 2017

From war and civil strife, to disease and epidemics, to natural disasters, MSF staff have been on the frontline of saving lives during 2017. Our talented and dedicated photographers have been there every step of the way to bear witness to the stories of the past year, capturing the work of our teams and the ongoing battle to save those in peril in our world.

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