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Saturday, April 11, 2020 - 07:45
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Friday, May 15, 2020
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South Africa


The position of Learning & Development Unit Resources Officer is based in Cape Town within the SAMU team.  The post-holder will report to the head of the SAMU L&D unit. The Learning & Development Unit Resources Officer is responsible for the coordination and administration of all training activities implemented by SAMU off-site (in Cape Town), as well as supporting some of the planning and implementation schedules of all on-site training (in the field). He/she coordinates the publication and dissemination of all SAMU HIV/TB medical resources and training materials for both printing or digital versions; He/she is in charge of the SAMU website design and development, as well as updating all of its content. He/she is also responsible for planning and implementing the L&D budget

Purpose of the job

Coordinate and manage the planning and implementation follow up of all Learning activities implemented by SAMU digital and printed medical resources, website design and contents and L&D Budget



  • Organise and update SAMU training calendar, in collaboration with SAMU Country Focal Points and training team
  • Liaise with all MSF OCs for training announcements, training brochure publication and updating the SAMU training outlines. Organise and manage all training equipment and stationery (L&D unit stock management)

Coordination and planning of off-site (Cape Town-based) SAMU training:

  • Organise all administrative support related to off-site SAMU training implementation in Cape Town:
  • Centralise participants’ applications
  • Liaise with L&D in the 5 OC’s HQs
  • Organise venue booking, catering, accommodation and service provider follow-up
  • Coordinate all pre-course communication with participants
  • Organise visa, transport, per diem and all related administrative needs for participants
  • Manage all logistics and training equipment (stationery, computers, projectors…)
  • Organize training documents, course and training material distribution
  • Support training coordinators during training implementation in all admin/logistic-related activities.
  • Collect and provide all quantitative administration data for statistics & reporting (participants, background, etc…)
  • Manage and follow the dedicated budget for each training

On-site SAMU training and SAMU L&D MIO field support:

  • Gather all on-site training requests from SAMU focal points, direct requests from the field or elsewhere
  • In collaboration with SAMU focal points, coordinate the annual implementation schedule.
  • Gather and centralize all quantitative admin data from on-site training activities for reporting (participant list and profiles)
  • Administer SAMU L&D MIO field assignments, and report to the SAMU Medical team for planning and follow up.

 E-Learning SAMU training:

  • Support enrolment and follow up of all queries
  • Liaise with Tembo (ecampus) administrator
  • Collect and provide all quantitative admin data (for statistics & reporting)


(Toolkits, clinical guide, leaflets, posters)

  •  The L&D Unit Resources Officer collaborates with the SAMU team to produce and manage all HIV/TB medical and learning materials (tools, reports, posters, flyers, leaflets, flags, stickers, etc.) used in SAMU information- and resources-sharing activities as well as those of some other units (MSF-SA, Access campaign, field comm etc)

Duties include:

  • In collaboration with the SAMU team ensures materials conform to the design guidelines for MSF SA
  • May be required to do small scale in-house design & lay-out of digital training and medical materials (posters, guidelines, reports, leaflets) as and when required by the SAMU team
  • When design and layout is outsourced:
  • liaise with, and maintain an existing network of designers, publishers and printers in South Africa.
  • Coordinate the work with the service providers or suppliers (designers and printing companies).
  • Stock management (inventory, in/out record, order and deliveries from/to the field (or “clients”)
  • Ensure that all SAMU resources (guidelines) are referenced in all OC’s Bibops and in SAMU catalogue library
  • Liaise with all OC’s Knowledge management services/systems when required


  • Maintain and update www.samumsf.org content sourced from the SAMU medical, patient support and laboratory teams
  • In collaboration with the SAMU team members, ensure www.samumsf.org is regularly updated and that all material is signed off before posting (as per website posting SOP).
  • Maintain and manage Content Management System (CMS, or ‘back-end’) in collaboration with the webmaster (external provider).
  • Compile quarterly reports for www.samumsf.org, using Google Analytics to analyse trends and outcomes.
  • Seek and implement ways to improve the quality of the website user experience
  • Coordinate all the above with the webmaster (external) service provider:
  • Record tasks and bugs to be fixed
  • Ensure the task management follow up through the “control sheet”
  • Liaise with the traffic manager (external web provider)
  • Coordinate needs for new web development and define the required task specification for the Web developer.


  • Gather from all SAMU members all the learning activities implemented during the year and planned for the year to come; and:
  • Edit the SAMU L&D activities annual report and dashboard
  • Edit the SAMU L&D activities logframe Edit SAMU L&D activities quarterly report


  • The Learning & Development Unit Resources Manager is the final responsibility of the L&D budget


  • Drawing on above-mentioned planning of activities for the coming year, prepare and set the SAMU L&D annual budget accordingly (based on the log frame) and submit it to the SAMU Strategic Resources Managers

Implementation & Follow up:

  • Manage and oversee the expenditure of the Learning Unit budget
  • Authorize L&D expenditure and ensure that they are covered by the budget
  • Ensure that costs are not incurred for non-budget items or for anything other than those for which the funds were allocated
  •   Engage with and implement internal financial procedures, in collaboration with MSF-SA finance department.
  • Take responsibility for the L&D bank card and of all L&D Unit purchases and/or suppliers’ payments.
  • Ensure that all expenditure is recorded and coded as per MSF SA: SAMU Budget framework
  • Liaise with the SAMU Strategic resources manager when Budget funds need to be re-allocated or changed from their initial budget planning.


  • Report to the SAMU Strategic Resources Manager on regular monthly/annual budget follow up.


  • Qualifications (Minimum Diploma) in Public Relations, office & business management or similar.


  • Minimum 2 years in work-related Knowledge and Skills


  • Experience in coordinating and implementing projects, conferences etc
  • Excel and Word software competence essential
  • Experience and training in budget development and management
  • Experience in managing Website and digital resources a real advantage


  • Fluency in spoken and written English essential
  • French language ability a bonus 

Personal attributes

  • Strong administrative skills essential, including the ability to prioritise and organise his/her work as well as the ability to attend to detail
  • Ability to work independently: Autonomous
  • Diplomatic; dynamic and flexible;
  • Capacity for taking the initiative and making decisions;
  • Good interpersonal skills and team spirit
  • Capacity to adapt his/her support to varying field contexts and MSF OC’s.

Submit your application online by 11 April 2020

Start Date: 15 May 2020

Note: If you do not hear back by the end of April, please note that your application was unsuccessful.  Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.  SAMU reserves the right not to make an appointment.