16 December 2016

Teams from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are in coordination on the ground providing support and response to the humanitarian evacuation in east Aleppo. On Thursday (15 December) medical and logistical teams conducted the first needs assessments in the region.

MSF has also sent a first supply of 17m3 of medicines and medical materials to Aqrabat’s hospital, the main point receiving wounded evacuated from east Aleppo, 6km away from Atmah –where MSF’s warehouse is located.

Besides the 45 tonnes of medical supplies ready to go, another 700 kits of NFI (non food items) are already in Atmah and extra 1,000 kits are in the pipeline.

Today (16 December) three MSF teams were visiting Sarmada and Al Atareb to assess the situation of new IDPs (internally displaced people) and identify needs for primary healthcare, food shelter and NFI.

Medical staff in contact with MSF reported that people arriving were in precarious conditions after five months under siege in east Aleppo.

Doctors supported by MSF inside east Aleppo are safe and taking part on the evacuation of the wounded and ill.

Thousands of civilians are still waiting to leave east Aleppo and the evacuation is expected to take several days, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. Today new security incidents stopped the evacuation when buses carrying civilians were shot in Alrashdeen and had to turn back to east Aleppo.

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