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About MSF

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a global network of principled medical and other professionals who specialise in medical humanitarian work, driven by our common humanity and guided by medical ethics. 

We work together in teams, small and large, to respond to the medical needs of people affected by conflict, disasters and epidemics and people excluded from healthcare. 

We strive to practically provide medical care that matches the realities of patients, adapting care in order to be relevant and specific. At times, this may include partnering with other individuals and organisations, and working with local experts. 

MSF team members are on the ground, working directly for and alongside patients, every day. 

We bear witness and describe what is happening, to raise awareness about the experiences of the people we assist and the situations where we work. We alert the public to emerging crises, acute emergencies and serious challenges, such as exclusion from healthcare. We mobilise support for MSF’s work and social mission. We communicate to provoke change.


About MSF


Impartial, Neutral and Independent

Our work is guided by medical ethics and the humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence.

Our Commitment to Responsible Behaviour

Within MSF, all members of staff and operational partners (including consultants and guests) understand and adhere to the commitments below, incorporate them into our professional and personal conduct, and abide by them. Should this not be the case, MSF offers channels for reporting at every level of the organisation and any non-compliance will carry serious consequences.
These Behavioural Commitments are considered as minimum behavioural standards, more specific rules may apply to MSF staff members depending on the context in which they work and their area of activity.

Behavioural Commitments:

  1. MSF staff members and operational partners shall behave respectfully and not discriminate against patients, colleagues or members of the local communities on the basis of their race, opinions, lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, origin, religion or beliefs and other markers of identity.
  2. MSF staff members and operational partners shall not abuse anyone physically (i.e. physical violence, sexual aggression or other forms of physical abuse) or psychologically (e.g. bullying, abuse of power, harassment, discrimination or favouritism).
  3. MSF staff members and operational partners shall not accept, under any circumstances, behaviour that exploits the vulnerability of others, in the broadest possible sense (sexual, economic, social, etc.). This includes exchange of goods, benefits or services for acts of a sexual nature, including the use of sex workers' services while on assignment.
  4. MSF staff members and operational partners shall not accept child abuse, exploitation and violence and not engage in sexual relations with children.
  5. MSF staff members and operational partners shall not take advantage of their position for personal gain. Each member shall use MSF resources (including premises, goods, money, reputation, image etc.) with respect and care and in the interests of the organisation and the people we seek to assist.
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