Four-yearl-old Hamza is receiving wound care treatment in the MSF medical point in Karantina, Beirut.
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Cultural mediators and medical staff getting dressed with PPE before the medical round.
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

MSF welcomes the first open license of a COVID-19 test to WHO COVID-19 Technology Access Pool

Latest News 24 Nov 2021
A woman with burns detained in Sorman at female-only detention centre around 60km west of Tripoli, Libya. She is assisted by another detainee.

MSF returns to Tripoli detention centres after 3 months of suspension

Latest News 30 Sep 2021
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Self Managed Abortion Care
Access to Healthcare

A Revolution in Safe Abortion Care: Self-managed abortion with pills

Latest News 22 Sep 2021
Women and children detained at female-only Sorman detention centre, around 60km west of Tripoli, Libya.

Pushed back to Libya & forced into inhumane detention centres

Latest News 24 Aug 2021
Death, destruction and thousands of injured people in wake of Haiti earthquake

Haiti earthquake: MSF responds to urgent medical needs

Latest News 17 Aug 2021
During the training, the participants received a hands on demonstration and practiced how to look for water by using water jetting techniques, meaning they create deep holes with high-pressure water jets, a common practice when there’s a need for water when responding to an emergency.
Natural Disasters

From reactive to proactive: how MSF in Beira is stepping up its disaster response preparations

Latest News 16 Aug 2021