Councelor Celina Beatriz Chinhaja conducts an HIV pre-test and counseling with a truck driver inside the MSF car at a remote parking area outside Beira City, Mozambique
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Central African Republic

Return to Nzacko, a mirror of the Central African crisis

Patient and Staff Stories 8 Oct 2021
View on the mosque from the school of the mosque, now a room where three large families of IDPs sleep.
Central African Republic

The effects of the constant violence on people in Bambari

Patient and Staff Stories 8 Oct 2021
Emergency room of the MSF Kunduz Emergency Trauma Unit

Providing medical care in Kunduz after the fighting: Making it work

Latest News 9 Sep 2021
MSF, Doctor Without Borders, South Sudan, Access to healthcare
Maternal Health

South Sudan: The long walk for new life

Patient and Staff Stories 5 Aug 2021
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Mali, Fieldworker story, Mental Health
Mental Health

‘Three oranges to say thank you’: Paulette Baraka in Mali

Patient and Staff Stories 30 Jul 2021
MSF provides medical assistance to people on the move passing through Beitbridge town and its surroundings. 

Beitbridge: Healthcare improvement needed for people on the move

Patient and Staff Stories 20 Jun 2021