Councelor Celina Beatriz Chinhaja conducts an HIV pre-test and counseling with a truck driver inside the MSF car at a remote parking area outside Beira City, Mozambique
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Doctors Without Borders (MSF) load trucks for distribution at Atmeh Hospital
Natural Disasters

Türkiye Syria Earthquake: "There is no time to waste in reaching the people of this region"

Latest News 15 Feb 2023
MSF health promoter in Madudu

Uganda Ebola Outbreak: Health promotion is key

Patient and Staff Stories 26 Jan 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders,  Clinic in Kananga
Sexual Violence

Democratic Republic Congo: Action against sexual violence

Patient and Staff Stories 20 Jan 2023
MSF teams work at the Tamaulipas Migrant Institute (ITM)

Mexico: Migrants exposed to violence cut off from healthcare

Patient and Staff Stories 16 Jan 2023
Malnutrition ward from outside

Niger: What if malnutrition is not the biggest problem?

Patient and Staff Stories 12 Jan 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Karsten Noko in Bangladesh
Rohingya Refugee Crisis

“Lives in limbo”: a new challenge as Karsten Noko heads to Bangladesh

Patient and Staff Stories 20 Dec 2022