Councelor Celina Beatriz Chinhaja conducts an HIV pre-test and counseling with a truck driver inside the MSF car at a remote parking area outside Beira City, Mozambique
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In December 2020, MSF launched a mental health programme in the Nangua and 25 de Junho IDP camps. These are the two most populous camps in Metuge, on the outskirts of Pemba, Cabo Delgado’s capital.

What we left behind and took with us from the work in Metuge: Testimonies

Patient and Staff Stories 22 Apr 2022
Brancardage d'un vieux monsieur dur passerelle de fortune.
War in Ukraine

Caring for the vulnerable people left behind by the war

Patient and Staff Stories 19 Apr 2022
Mariam, 20 years old, lives in Mosul and is pregnant with her third child. She came to MSF’s Al Amal maternity to attend an antenatal care consultation. Here a midwife is checking her blood pressure “It’s my first time coming to this maternity”, she says.

Maternal health services remain insufficient in Mosul: Testimonies

Patient and Staff Stories 6 Apr 2022
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Ukraine, Medical train referral
War in Ukraine

“You have a medical train? I have patients for you”

Patient and Staff Stories 6 Apr 2022
A pregnant woman from Al Nahrawan neighborhood came to MSF’s Al Amal maternity to deliver her first baby. She’s pictured waiting in the inpatient department, waiting for the labor to start.

Maternal Health Services Remain Insufficient In Mosul

Patient and Staff Stories 6 Apr 2022
Ninon, 32, from Cameroon attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea with her two daughters. She was rescued by the Geo Barents in March 2022.
Mediterranean Migration

Voices from the sea

Patient and Staff Stories 25 Mar 2022