28 June 2019

Kenya: A Night On Call In Nairobi

Since 2014, the lavender-coloured building on Eastlands’ Juja Road has housed a 24/7 emergency department in addition to the longer-standing sexual violence clinic, providing cost-free care to people living precariously in the Mathare and Eastleigh slum areas. 

24 June 2019

Violence in the centre of the country has reached worsened and is affecting the civilian population

Mali has faced a political and security crisis since 2012 which has had a devastating impact on the humanitarian situation of people living in the conflict areas. Medical coordinator Patrick Irenge describes how this insecurity has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and reviews MSF's emergency response, alongside the organisation's regular projects, to assist the most vulnerable people.

20 May 2019

Bangladesh: Births In Adversity

The Rohingya refugee population, living in camps across Cox’s Bazar, remains vulnerable to serious health risks. Refugees reside in overcrowded, tight spaces and continue to live in emergency-like conditions, which increase the threat of potential outbreaks of contagious diseases. MSF continues providing assistance to the refugees and the local community.

09 May 2019

More than Medicine: A Look at Mental Health Needs in Detention

The worsening fighting in Tripoli continues, forcing thousands of Libyan families to flee their homes and seek shelter with family or in temporary shelters in schools or other buildings. Over three thousand refugees and migrants are trapped in detention centres and are at risk of being caught in the crossfire.