South Sudan: Medicine on the Go

13 April 2017

South Sudan, which split from Sudan in 2011 after decades of conflict, has been mired in a civil war between the Dinkas and the Nuer, following political troubles between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar. The country is the world's newest nation. It is rich in oil but, following years of war, it is also one of the least developed regions on earth.

The fighting of the past three years has forced millions to flee their homes, split much of the population along ethnic lines and paralysed agriculture, leaving the country facing famine, according to the UN. The UN says that at least one-quarter of South Sudanese have been displaced from their homes. The southern part of the former Unity state, the home region of Riek Machar, has been greatly affected by the ongoing violence and the longstanding clashes between the government’s Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan People's Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO).

Civilians are paying the highest price, as they are on the frontline of the conflict. Local people are unable to access even the most basic services needed to survive.

Siegfried Modola, a freelance photographer, spent a week with the teams in Leer county and has reported about the MSF challenging operations and the living conditions of the population, three years into the conflict. 

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