"He threw me the baby" - Refugees fight to survive sea crossing

13 October 2016

A boat full of refugees trying to get to Europe is capsizing in the Mediterranean and a couple is trapped inside. They give their baby to a young relative who makes a brave decision to throw the baby to MSF rescuers. 

Kim Clausen is the field coordinator for the Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) search and rescue boat the Bourbon Argos, in the Mediterranean. Tens of thousands of people fleeing violence have taken the extremely risky boat trip towards Europe this year alone. Many of them never make it. 

Their search for safety is one of the stories we discuss in Forced From Home, a touring exhibition featuring stories from our field workers, as well as 360-degree video and virtual reality documentaries that show the realities of displacement around the world at: http://www.forcedfromhome.com/ 

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