Call for Proposal

The Fundraising department of Doctors Without Borders/ Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) South Africa, wishes to replace the department’s software systems (CiviCRM) currently used to manage its private donor relationships and donation processing (CRM). MSF has selected Sales Force as the new software solution to support its current fundraising processes MSF South Africa is seeking a supplier to become a MSF partner for consultancy, process mapping, implementation, data modelling, data migration, training, development, upgrading, maintenance and technical support services. 

The new CRM environment should provide the stability and functionality needed to: 

  1. Enable MSF Fundraising to communicate with donors in a new approach: providing the right messages, through the right media, at the right time.
  2. Manage both economic and non-economic data with all the corresponding processes.
  3. Manage information optimally.

The CRM new system and its back-end database will support increasingly complex and valuable donor relationships using multiple channels (emailing, social media, SMS, combined with more traditional channels like phone calls, face to face).

Successful proposals should cater for MSF South Africa`s specific requirements as well as compelling , additional requirements that prospective consultants may consider necessary given previous experience implementing such systems particularly for NGOs.