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If you reside outside of Sub-Saharan Africa please locate your nearest recruiting office here
The general requirements page provides information about availability, working in a team, working in developing countries and the need for flexibility.
The life in the field page provides info about living conditions, working in cross-culture environments, and security and safety.
A significant number of MSF projects are placed in unstable / insecure contexts, examples are Afghanistan and South Sudan. MSF assesses security risks and follows appropriate protocol. Fieldworkers are assigned placements according to profile fit and need. Please see life in the field for more info.
Living conditions in the field (security, housing, etc.) often make it difficult for field staff to be accompanied by children or partners who are not participating in the mission.
Find out more about our benefits and opportunities.
General applications require availability of six to nine months. Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists and Surgeons only require eight weeks availability.