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Access To Medicines

TRIPS non-waiver outcome highlights urgent need for domestic IP reform in South Africa

Op-Ed 6 Sep 2022
Bintou Soumbounou, performed the song "N'ayons plus peur", written for the Pink October campagin, at the opening ceremony of the Pink October campaign in Yirimadio health centre, Bamako, with MSF, MoH and all the partners.

Pink October: The challenges of treating cancer in Mali

Patient and Staff Stories 10 Nov 2021
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, time to fix for South Africa's is now
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

Thousands are dying and suffering because they can’t access patented medicines

Press Release 9 Nov 2021
cervical cancer prevention and treatment project in Gutu district, Zimbabwe

Evaluation of MSF’S cervical cancer intervention in Gutu, Zimbabwe

Report 17 Jun 2021
Cervical cancer for women in Africa

Cancer—a scourge for women in Africa

Latest News 15 Oct 2020
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Zimbabwe, Cervical cancer & HIV

MSF hands over HIV and cervical cancer project in rural Zimbabwe to Health Ministry

Press Release 29 Sep 2020