Face to Face - Awareness & Fundraising

F2F (Face to Face) Fundraising is one of the most interesting ways to meet potential and new donors.

All our face-to-face canvassers are enthusiastic and passionate about meeting, engaging and connecting with members of the public. After all, it is through these face-to-face engagements that some of our long-lasting relationships with our current donors were established. We are a bridge that connects you to MSF’s beneficiaries in countless projects across the globe through your generous donations and we are there to help facilitate your acts of Ubuntu (humanity towards others) when you sign-up to be a regular donor. 

Apart from guiding you to making the right choice to be an MSF donor, making sure that your first impression and interaction with one of our canvassers is an outstanding one is what drives and challenges us to be better every day! 

Our regular training ensures that canvassers are informed on relevant MSF activities as this leads to rich engagements and discussions with prospective donors. 

While we may not be doctors or midwives, we too are part of a long chain of heroes who are there to continue MSF’s life-saving work. So, if you see one of our teams at a shopping mall or public space, please say Hello!

Knowledge is power, and the knowledge about MSF gives you the power to save lives. 

Nelson Mafulo
National F2F Coordinator in Fundraising