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Donor Voices

Donors share their stories on why they donate to MSF Southern Africa.

I Support MSF

The support from dedicated donors means that MSF is ready to offer care and support to patients in situations where healthcare is not available.

Donor Voices

Karabo Mashego Donor Voice Image
Karabo Mashego

Karabo Mashego decided he was not going to passively sit back and not work. Instead, he stood up for those who were suffering when he was called to do so.

Andre Oliver Donor Voice Image
Andre Oliver

Andre Olivier signed up with the MSF’s Face 2 Face team in Cape Town, so that he could support the fight against Ebola.

Vusi and Rasayi Mdlankomo Donor Voice Image
Vusi and Rasayi Mdlankomo

Vusi and Rasayi Mdlankomo ran the Two Oceans Marathon in support of MSF in April 2017 and the Soweto Marathon in November 2017.

Priscilla Blake Donor Voices Image
Priscilla Blake

Priscilla Blake signed up with the Face 2 Face team in Cape Town. It wasn’t a #ToughDecision for her.

Tyrone Arnold Donor Voice Image
Tyrone Arnold

Tyrone Arnold’s contribution allows us to buy much-needed medication, such as the 1.8 million antimalarials distributed in Freetown, Sierra Leone – the largest ever distribution in an Ebola outbreak.

Ntombovuyo Sibutha, Bonga Mkuzangwe and Ziyanda Mkuzangwe Donor Voice Image
Ntombovuyo Sibutha, Bonga Mkuzangwe and Ziyanda Mkuzangwe

Ntombovuyo Sibutha, Bonga Mkuzangwe and Ziyanda Mkuzangwe all decided to donate to MSF. Their contributions help to pay for medication that others desperately need but cannot afford - something the three close friends thought was more valuable than anything they could buy while out shopping.