Nigeria Psychologist Counsellor Individual Consultation
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Mental health specialist

Our mental health specialists work with people suffering from various levels of distress related to conflict or natural disasters, with survivors of sexual violence or people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, you could be asked to develop programmes and to train local mental health workers.


  • Formal education and post qualification in one of the following: Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry (with additional psychological therapy qualification)
  • Currently licensed to practice one of the above areas with independent licensed clinical practice
  • Five years of proven professional experience 
  • Experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual violence or Tuberculosis (TB) care
  • Experience in managing and training mental health workers
  • Experience in the clinical supervision of others and treating trauma related problems
  • Experience with emergency mental health/crisis interventions
  • Able to work well as a part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team
  • Willing to work in unstable areas and ability to cope in a difficult and unpredictable environment
  • Available for a minimum of nine to 12 months