Nanyanyiso Baloi holds her treatment regimen for pre-XDR-TB.
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Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis

MSF,  endTB clinical trial results.

TB: Landmark Clinical Trial Redefines Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Options

Press Release 15 Nov 2023
MSF, BPaLM regimens - DR-TB Treatment, WHO TB Report 2023

WHO’s Annual Global TB Report

Press Release 7 Nov 2023

MSF responds to Johnson & Johnson not enforcing patents on key TB drug bedaquiline

Press Release 2 Oct 2023
MSF, Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Treatment

Johnson & Johnson and Cepheid must pledge access to lifesaving TB medicines and tests

Press Release 13 Sep 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, TB

TB medicine deal offers short-term solution, but J&J needs to do more for all affected countries

Press Release 14 Jul 2023
MSF Pharmacist dispensing Bedaquiline and Delamanid based DRTB
Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis

TB-PRACTECAL: Groundbreaking MSF trial finds better treatment for people with drug-resistant tuberculosis

Press Release 21 Dec 2022