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Through DR-TB patients’ eyes: The latest treatment for drug-resistant TB offers huge hope

South African patients have shared their experiences with of taking delamanid, the newest drug for drug-resistant TB, as part of their often difficult lonely treatment for extensively-drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB).

In Khayelitsha, MSF has provided 52 DR-TB patients in Khayelitsha with delamanid since December 2015. Over 7000 people in South Africa could be eligible to receive delamanid, yet to date only a fraction can access it.

The drug’s manufacturer, Japanese Pharmaceutical giant Otsuka has yet to register the drug in South Africa, and has not yet announced how it will make the drug available through a ‘compassionate use’ programme before it is registered.

MSF is calling on Otsuka to urgently apply for registration and ensure sufficient treatment is available to meet demand before registration is complete.

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