Councelor Celina Beatriz Chinhaja conducts an HIV pre-test and counseling with a truck driver inside the MSF car at a remote parking area outside Beira City, Mozambique
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MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Israel attacks in Gaza
Armed conflict

Israel's Offensive Complicit in Killing Civilians

Patient and Staff Stories 30 May 2024
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Conflict and war, civilians caught in crossfire
Armed conflict

Civilians Caught In Crossfire In North and South Kivu

Patient and Staff Stories 27 May 2024
A technician from the bacteriology laboratory of the CSref of Koutiala seeds culture media in order to carry out identification tests on colonies Labo CSREF. Antibiotic resistant bacteria in low income countries.
Access to Healthcare

Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Low Income Countries

Patient and Staff Stories 24 May 2024
Safe Birth in Aweil, South Sudan
Maternal Health

Helping Women Survive Childbirth in South Sudan

Patient and Staff Stories 22 May 2024
Surgery operations in South Sudan
Surgery & Trauma Care

In surgery: "We can't operate without you"

Patient and Staff Stories 7 May 2024
MSF teams in Bashair Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan

"I am returning to Sudan"

Patient and Staff Stories 2 May 2024