Councelor Celina Beatriz Chinhaja conducts an HIV pre-test and counseling with a truck driver inside the MSF car at a remote parking area outside Beira City, Mozambique
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Image of Marta Kaliba, MSF patient in Sudan, South Sudan.
South Sudan

"I am not a refugee, I am a mother who has lost her children fleeing a conflict."

Patient and Staff Stories 20 Oct 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, TB, cystic fibrosis
Access to Healthcare

Universal Health Coverage targets leave behind the most vulnerable

Patient and Staff Stories 19 Sep 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Sudan, Karthoum, Bashair Hospital

"Everything is critical " - Coralie Schaukens MSF nurse in Sudan

Fieldworkers Stories 17 Aug 2023

Emergency response against cholera in the territory of Rutshuru

Patient and Staff Stories 7 Aug 2023
South Sudan

South Sudan- On the football field: A tale of community engagement and diversity in Abyei

Patient and Staff Stories 27 Jun 2023
HIV/TB Integration

“Despite the challenges I've faced, my determination to aid patients has grown"

Fieldworkers Stories 15 Jun 2023