No Valley Without Shadows


‘No Valley Without Shadows: MSF and the fight for affordable ARVs in South Africa’

This week during the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban, MSF's insightful new book ‘No Valley Without Shadows’ co-written by well-known South African journalist and writer Liz McGregor is available once again.

'No Valley Without Shadows' gives an insiders’ account of the early days of the HIV treatment movement in South Africa during the 2000s. The book provides unique insight into the struggle for affordable treatment and the international and local alliances that were forged to fight AIDS denialism and the powerful global pharmaceutical lobby in order to save lives.

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Vividly sketched within it's130 pages the 'No Valley Without Shadows' the story unfolds of the pivotal battles by local and international coalitions built to fight for access to antiretroviral therapy against AIDS denialism, and commercial interests of the powerful international pharmaceutical industry.

Packed with lively details and little known facts, the book recalls a time when doctors and brave activists were smuggling medicines then deemed illegal substances into the country, despite their life saving potential for a nation ravaged by HIV/AIDS.

The book pays tribute to those who courageously challenged the government’s denialism and contested vested interests from pharmaceutical companies in what became the historical ‘PMA’ case.

Today, South Africa can rightly be proud of the remarkable feat of starting 3 million people on antiretroviral treatment – the world’s largest HIV treatment programme – but it is still dogged by problems: Consistent medicine supply to clinics is interrupted by logistical and management problems. 

Eleven years after activists won the right to life for South Africans in the historic PMA case, their history must be heard again to inspire a new passion. The fight against HIV/AIDS is threatened by a more pervasive enemy: complacency. AIDS still kills 4 people every 15 minutes.

Concise and keenly observed, 'No Valley Without Shadows' provides readers food for thought about the past, but also the future in fighting HIV to save lives.

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