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Fighting malnutrition it’s about funding and sound strategies, not rocket science

Op-Ed 10 Dec 2021
The rapid addition of inexperienced staff in an emergency situation, as happened in many hospitals during South Africa’s second COVID-19 wave, can produce challenges, which MSF witnessed first-hand in the field hospital at Ngwelezana Tertiary Hospital in northern KwaZulu-Natal. In this 113 bed COVID-19 facility MSF and Department of Health staff worked side by side from 11 January. To bring order to a potentially chaotic situation, the appointment of an experienced nurse activity manager to organize the fac
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

In an unequal world, our response to COVID-19 cannot be one size-fits-all

Op-Ed 8 Dec 2021
With approximately 5.3 million people infected with HIV, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS of any country. In November 2003, the South African government approved a new national HIV/AIDS plan that added life-extending antiretroviral (ARV) therapy to the existing protocol and set a goal of treating 600,000 people with ARVs by 2008.

Cryptococcal meningitis: This world AIDS Day it’s time to recognise an outsider

Op-Ed 30 Nov 2021
An MSF ambulance seen outside MSF compound gate in Dagahaley
Armed conflict

Our medics treat everyone, don’t punish them for that

Op-Ed 21 Oct 2021
A fieldworker prepares HIV test kit which forms part of MSF's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vulnerable populations can be screened for COVID-19 and other diseases like HIV and Diabetes.

J&J's slow vaccine delivery stagnates South Africa's vaccination rollout

Op-Ed 23 Aug 2021
Operating Theatre in Boost Hospital - Lashkar Gah
Armed conflict

Afghanistan: Will we talk to the Taliban? Why not, we always have

Op-Ed 18 Aug 2021