The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law

The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law was published for the first time by Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier in 1998. Regularly updated, and translated into several languages, the latest edition has now been comprehensively developed.

Written from the perspective of victims and those who provide assistance to them, the Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law presents the rules of humanitarian law applicable to the protection and assistance of victims of conflicts and crisis in accessible and reader-friendly alphabetical entries.

It analyses how international humanitarian law has evolved in the face of new challenges to international peace and human security related to the war on terror, new forms of armed conflict and humanitarian action, the emergence of international criminal justice, and the reshaping of fundamental rules in a multipolar world.

An unprecedented work, intended for journalists, policy makers, opinion leaders, relief workers, members of humanitarian organisations, practitioners, war leaders and servicemen among others.

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