Qadimoon camp (Northwest Syria)

Speeches & Open Letter

Speeches and Open Letters from our spokespeople
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, TB

Preventing a never-ending cycle of drug-resistant TB: Sister Ivy Apolisi

Speech 16 Jun 2021
MSF 177606

Open letter to Mylan calling for affordable prices and access to delamanid for people suffering with drug-resistant TB in South Africa

Speech 28 Jul 2020

“Migration is not a crime. Saving lives is not a crime.”

Speech 12 Dec 2018

An open letter on the state of emergency in Moria

Speech 18 Sep 2018

European governments are feeding Libya’s business of suffering

Speech 6 Sep 2017
Drug-resistant TB

Open letter regarding registration and availability of delamanid in South Africa

Speech 22 Mar 2017
Dr Joanne Liu at UNSC meeting

United Nations Security Council speech by Dr Joanne Liu

Speech 28 Sep 2016

United Nations Security Council brief speech by Dr Joanne Liu

Speech 3 May 2016
Leer & Thonyor - May 2016
Access To Medicines

Nationwide lack of essential medicines in South Sudan

Speech 7 Apr 2016