An XDR-TB patient looking at her boxes of TB medication in Mumbai, India

SAMU-Supported Publications 2023

A complete list of publications that the SAMU teams have co-authored, reviewed and supported in 2023.


HIV-related SAMU Supported Publications
1DRCSpontaneous nosocomial Proteus mirabilis meningitis in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-infected adult patient: a case report

Journal of Medical Case Reports

2South AfricaBetween empathy and anger: healthcare workers’ perspectives on patient disengagement from antiretroviral treatment in Khayelitsha, South Africa - a qualitative study

BMC Primary Care

3DRCFacteurs associes a la létalité chez les patients hospitalises pour le VIH avance

Public Health Action

4CARProvider-initiated HIV testing uptake and socio-economic status among women in a conflict zone in the Central African Republic: a mixed-methods cross-sectional study

Conflict and Health

5South AfricaStandard-dose versus double-dose dolutegravir in HIVassociated tuberculosis in South Africa (RADIANT-TB): A phase 2, non-comparative, randomised controlled trial

Lancet HIV

6South AfricaEvidence of HIV incidence reduction in young women, but not in adolescent girls, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

IJID Regions

7South AfricaPostnatal clubs: Implementation of a differentiated and integrated model of care for mothers living with HIV and their HIVexposed uninfected babies in Cape Town, South Africa

Plos One

8South AfricaAdvanced HIV disease and engagement in care among patients on antiretroviral therapy in South Africa: results from a multi-state model 


9DRCContribution des diagnostics au points de service dans l’identification de la maladie à VIH avancée

Public Health Action

10GuineaPoor outcomes among critically ill HIV-positive patients at hospital discharge and post-discharge in Guinea, Conakry: A retrospective cohort study

Plos One

11AfricaAdolescents and young adults are the most undiagnosed of HIV and virally unsuppressed in Eastern and Southern Africa: Pooled analyses from five population-based surveys

Plose One

TB-related SAMU supported publications
1IndiaClinical utility of target-based next-generation sequencing for drug-resistant TBIJTLD
2India“One-by-One, TB Took Everything Away From Me”: A Photovoice Exploration of Stigma in Women with DrugResistant Tuberculosis in Mumbai.Affilia
3AfricaNovel FujiLAM assay to detect tuberculosis in HIV-positive ambulatory patients in four African countries: a diagnostic accuracy studyLancet Global Health
4GlobalDiagnostic yield of urine lipoarabinomannan and sputum  tuberculosis tests in people living with HIV: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant dataLancet Global Health
5GlobalLinezolid resistance in patients with drug-resistant TBIJTLD
6South AfricaEffect of compensatory evolution in the emergence and transmission of rifampicin-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Cape Town, South Africa: a genomic epidemiology studyLancet Microbe
7IndiaOperationalising targeted next-generation sequencing for routine diagnosis of drug-resistant TBThe Union
8GlobalClinical standards for drug-susceptible TB in children and adolescentsIJTLD
9AfricaImplementation of WHO guidelines on urine lateral flow LAM testing in high TB/HIV burden African countriesERS
10South AfricaBedaquiline resistance in patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis in Cape Town, South Africa: a retrospective longitudinal cohort studyLancet Microbe
11AfricaExperiences and perceptions of urine sampling for tuberculosis testing among HIV patients: a multi-site qualitative descriptive studyBMJ Open
12GlobalEvaluating newly approved drugs in combination regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with fluoroquinolone resistance (endTB-Q): study protocol for a multi-country randomized controlled trialBMC
13South AfricaTuberculosis diagnosis and preventive monotherapy among children and adolescents exposed to rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in the householdOpen Forum Infectious Diseases
14GlobalCaring for adolescents and young adults with tuberculosis or at risk of tuberculosis: consensus statement from an international expert panelJAH