Fix South Africa's patent laws to save lives


YouTube Video (nhydRm)

Today, Doctors Without Borders released a short video featuring Thandi Shabangu and Khaya Mkhize*, two patients affected by the LPV/r stock outs. “I went to the clinic, they told me, 'no, we don’t have Aluvia, so you’re supposed to go to the chemist to buy [it]’… If now my pills are finished, what am I going to do? [Because] I don’t have money,” said Shabangu. She fears how the stock outs will impact on her health and treatment, explaining, “The problem is very big… because it’s life and death, if you don’t drink your Aluvia you are going to resist.”

* At his request, Mkhize has been given a pseudonym to protect his anonymity.