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03 June 2019

Antivenom needed to cure snakebites

MSF is treating many snakebite patients in its project in Agok in South Sudan. Until 2016, MSF was using an antivenom called FAV-Afrique to treat snakebite patients in Sub-Saharan Africa. Two years down the line, we are now using two new antivenoms in South Sudan. While this is good news for our patients, this is not the solution for all snakebite victims. These antivenoms are specific to the snake species in this area and they are not largely available to those who need them. 

27 May 2019

Violence in North-West and South-West Cameroon: Five Things You Need to Know

Since 2016, clashes between English-speaking secessionists and government forces in North-West and South-West Cameroon have uprooted 530,000 people from their homes, triggering acute humanitarian needs across both regions. Lacking adequate shelter, food, water, and hygiene, people are at increased risk of disease, and violence and restrictions on movement limit their access to medical care.