16 August 2019

One tribe, one MSF

Tambu Matambo recently returned from a field assignment of 3 years working in India working as a project coordinator, in Chhattisgarh and Manipur. 

28 June 2019

Sierra Leone: helping those in need

Mohamed Momoh, a clinical officer with the Doctors Without Borders, was born in Bo, Sierra Leone. Having worked as a medic through the devastating Ebola outbreak of 2014, he shares his story and his hopes for the future of his country.

20 December 2018

Judith Elavian: A calabash doing humanitarian work

Judith Elavian is an MSF nurse, recently returned after working nine months in Nigeria on a project delivering sexual reproductive health services in the northern Jigawa state. This is a story of the day she learned that in Nigeria, a calabash is not just for drinking water as it is in her home country of Kenya.