11 October 2019

Balancing grief and hope in the wake of the genocide

Since 2018, MSF has been providing mental health services in Sinjar district to those Yazidi survivors of the 2014 genocide and their families. Whilst these services have been scaled up in recent months, it is now overwhelmed and has a waiting list

30 August 2019

A letter from the field: Teddy Elongo

I am writing all the way from Koutiala, a small town in the centre of Mail where I work as a human resources manager. Today, I would like to share my excitement with you! We’re finally moving into the new Paediatric Ward built by MSF.

16 August 2019

One tribe, one MSF

Tambu Matambo recently returned from a field assignment of 3 years working in India working as a project coordinator, in Chhattisgarh and Manipur. 

28 June 2019

Sierra Leone: helping those in need

Mohamed Momoh, a clinical officer with the Doctors Without Borders, was born in Bo, Sierra Leone. Having worked as a medic through the devastating Ebola outbreak of 2014, he shares his story and his hopes for the future of his country.

20 December 2018

Judith Elavian: A calabash doing humanitarian work

Judith Elavian is an MSF nurse, recently returned after working nine months in Nigeria on a project delivering sexual reproductive health services in the northern Jigawa state. This is a story of the day she learned that in Nigeria, a calabash is not just for drinking water as it is in her home country of Kenya.