Bending the curves

08 July 2016

A survey conducted in the Eshowe/Mbongolwane areas of KwaZulu-Natal in 2013 found that one in four adults aged 15 – 29 is HIV positive, with an even higher infection among women aged 15 – 39.

Shot by Durban-based photographer Greg Lomas in June 2016, the photographs in this slideshow reveal the work being done by MSF doctors, counsellors and nurses in our Bending the Curves project in what might well be the epicentre of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

Opened in April 2011 in partnership with the provincial department of health, the project seeks to implement multiple strategies to reduce the high incidence of HIV and TB in the area, and ‘bend the epidemic curves downward.’ 

The project supports nine clinics and three hospitals in the Eshowe urban and Mbongolwane rural health services areas, allowing MSF to demonstrate the outcomes of the project in both an urban and rural setting. 

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