HAITI Hurricane Matthew Response, Port-à-Piment mobile clinics

06 December 2016

General view of people queuing, waiting to visit in the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Mobile Clinic in Côteaux. Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

Portrait of Maurice, a 65 year old farmer is treated at the Cholera Treatment Centre in Port-à-Piment. Photo:Jeanty Junior Augustin

Dr Marie Camille Abraham mesures the arm of two year old Angelle 2 years old, during a Mobile clinic visit in Coteaux. Photo: 

Jeanty Junior Augustin

57 year old and mother of three Glady came to Port-a-Piment hospital three days ago because she has a wound on her right foot. She is now recovering in hospital. Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

29 year old Pierre Emmanuel Hyppolite has working as a Watsan for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) since 14 November 2016, fills a measure to flush out residual chlorine.Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

Doctors Without Borders doctor Medjy Josil attends to 5 year old Marckensley who is accompaigned by his grandmother 67 year old Adieumène during a mobile clinic visit to Coteaux. Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

Christian, a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) staff member, carries materials for mobile clinics and hospital in Port-au-Pimant from a helicopter coming from Port-au-Prince. Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) doctors Frandy Samson and Dr. Stijn Bex treat three year old Dieula. She was brought to the Cholera Treatment Centre in Port-à-Piment by her aunt Ena. Photo: Jeanty Junior Augustin

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) water storage facility for distribution in 9 departments of the Port-a-Piment region. Photo:Jeanty Junior Augustin

Doctors Without Borders doctor Medjy Josil attends to Adner Wacklech a 41 year old farmer, during a Mobile Clinic visit to Côteaux, Port-a-Piment. Photo:Jeanty Junior Augustin

Two months after Hurricane Matthew, that has devastated southwestern Haiti, thousands of people are still severely affected by inadequate shelter, lack of food and access to safe drinking water. Some remote communities have yet to receive assistance.

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