Malawi: Daily struggles of the most vulnerable

18 October 2017

Malawi is a peaceful country well known for its beautiful scenery – defined by striking highlands split by the Great Rift valley and the enormous Lake Malawi.

Malawi also has one of the most successful, innovative HIV programmes in the region after being heavily affected by the HIV epidemic in the late 90s.

Yet behind the tranquil horizon, daily struggles loom large.

Malawi faces huge gaps in its health system, with critical shortfalls in funding and a reduced workforce. District health budgets are quietly stagnating – with inadequate funds to pay for essential drugs for patients.

HIV remains the leading cause of death among adults in Malawi. Around 28,000 new cases of HIV are still expected each year. A total of 64,000 AIDS deaths are projected for 2018-2020, two-thirds of which will be among people already taking antiretroviral treatment (ART).


All photos by Luca Sola.


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