Mpoko camp closure in Central African Republic

25 January 2017

The IDP camp of Mpoko, in Bangui, has been closed. MSF has run a project in this camp for three years, and therefore closed it too. At the peak of the violence in Central African Republic in 2013-2014 up to 100.000 people found refuge along the runway of Bangui’s international airport, under the protection of the UN forces. 

The closure is a highly symbolic announcement to give a message of stabilization of the country by closing the most high profile of the IDP camps, even though 380.000 CAR citizens are still internally displaced in the country, and 468.000 outside of the country – figures showing that the crisis in CAR is far from over. It was also a large, three years long, iconic MSF operations: the teams provided over 400.000 consultations, assisted over 5.000 births.

Five reasons to care about the closure of Mpoko camp

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